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Awaken Podcast with Michael Lombardo

Aug 5, 2021

Tune into Awaken Podcast, as Michael Lombardo speaks with Heidi Baker about how she encountered Jesus supernaturally and received her call to the poorest and most broken parts of the world. Heidi and Rolland Baker have laid down their lives for the people of Mozambique Africa and they’ve seen miracle after miracle occur as they have trusted wholeheartedly in Jesus Christ above all else. In the past four years, hundreds of thousands of people in Northern Mozambique have been displaced because of radical terrorist groups and cyclones, but in the midst of all the darkness, the light of the gospel still shines. God is providing in supernatural ways for the physical needs of His children, but people are hungrier for Jesus than they’ve ever been and revival is breaking out. Tune in for wisdom, revelation, and impartation.

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